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About Us

Our goal is to support, educate and advocate for caregivers and individuals who are neurodiverse. We want to give the individuals access to services and funding so they can reach their full potential and valued members of their community. We provide resources to give individuals a platform to interact with the community on their terms. In turn, we work to educate the community around them so that the individuals will be fully seen and accepted.

Our target population will be those within Jefferson County, Missouri. Both those who are diagnosed and those who are undiagnosed are welcome. People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to our Little House

What does “Neurodiverse” mean anyway?

When we refer to neurodiverse individuals, we’re referring to anyone with a brain that processes the world in its own unique and beautiful way. Typically the neurodiverse community includes individuals with diagnoses of autism, ADD/ADHD, or a variety of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. It can also include those with cognitive delays and genetic, medical, and neurological conditions among others. We want to help these individuals, from children to adults, to make the most of their unique minds, while providing resources to cope with the challenges of their disabilities.

We want to know what resources are most important to you!




We need volunteers to help make our first respite possible! Click below to learn more and contact us for interest in volunteering with us.


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Wait a second, where is little house?

Little House currently doesn’t have its own building, but we are trying to buy one soon! For now, we are located at a variety of community locations such as Spring Hills Presbyterian Church in Byrnes Mill for our Respite Care on select Saturdays or Jefferson College’s Hillsboro campus for Club Little House on select Fridays.