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Think of an afterschool club.  Friends get together, work on a project, laugh, compete with other clubs, and look back at something they can be proud of.  That is Club Little House.  We take input from what the club members are interested in and find ways to make it happen.  Often, this involves having a high school, college, or field expert volunteer act as the club leader while the members work together on the club activities. 


Typically, the president of the club will be a volunteer who knows a lot about that field.  However, if a club member takes interest, they can get leadership roles within the club and potentially become the new president of the club.  Support is a cycle.  Get support as a member of the club, then, eventually, give it as a leader. Then you can get support again with another Little House service like our upcoming PEERS program.  Any leadership can also be put onto CVs for members applying for higher education or jobs.

Currently Active clubs:

D&D club

Dungeons & Dragons Club is a safe place to practice social skills in a more structured setting. D&D is basically improvised acting where everyone sits at a table and tells a collective story as their characters, under the guidance of a Dungeon Master who runs the game. Week after week, club meetings will go through different “episodes” in the lives of the characters, eventually creating a complete story over the course of thirteen weeks. Come make new friends and go on mythical adventures as part of the D&D club.

art club

Art. The final frontier. Or, if not that, at least something really fun that a lot of us say we’re going to try but never get around to. Well, now we can! Little House of Neurodiversity is privileged to have Kim Wilson from Dittmer Artbarn,, teaching our art workshops! She spent nearly 30 years as an Art Director on large thematic and graphic art projects for the Busch and SeaWorld Corporation. But she also has won awards for her personal artwork which she is passionate about. Check out our calendar for more info and/or to sign up,

cooking club

We will be starting up a new cooking club once a month starting in April. Come and learn some new recipes and share some of your own. Stay tuned for an update on time and location

Future Clubs (in the works):

robotics club

The idea for the robotics club is that we would help provide a club leader knowledgeable about robotics from building to coding to competing.  Yes, we said competing.  Our hope is to one day have a team strong enough to compete in the St. Louis FIRST robotics competition.  We believe that the neurodiverse community should not be talked down to or told that they cannot achieve higher goals. Instead, we set the bar high, give support to reach it, and celebrate every smaller goal achieved along the way.  Of course, members will also gain knowledge of teamwork and coding which can help in any future job and future self-sufficiency.